Service Highlights:
10-5-15 with 12,891 Miles: Trans Fluid, Coolant Service, Brake Fluid Flush and Bleed, and Oil Service

9-23-15 with 12,807 Miles: New tires

9-17-15 with 12,720 Miles: New Cam Belts, Bearing Tensioners, Replaced Fuel Filters, Replaced All Power Steering Hoses and Replaced 12 Spark Plugs.

8-8-15 with 12,231 Miles: New Front Upper and Lower Control Arms and New Sway Bar Bushings

12-31-14 with 11,263 Miles: New Battery

3-24-14 with 9,177 Miles: Oil Service, Power Steering System Fluid Replaced, Tran-Axle Gear Oil Replaced

3-19-14 with 8,953 Miles: Replaced Manifold Gaskets, Thermostat Gasket, Cooling Hose, Return Hose and Bypass Hose replaced

6-25-2012 with 6,535 Miles: New Cam Cover Gaskets

4-27-2012 with 6,353 Miles: Cam Belt Service and Annual Service

9-4-12 with 6,916 Miles: Vehicle Alignment

4-27-12 with 6,353 Miles: Cam Belt Service and Annual Service Completed

7-5-03 with 4,845 Miles: Yearly Service Performed

Ontario, California, United States