Up for your consideration is our beautiful ’89 Jag. Unfortunately, we have 5 cars and no garage, so we’re trying to get it into a good home before it has to spend another Georgia summer outdoors. Our grandmother gave it to us 2 1/2 years ago because, at age 87, she was having a difficult time getting in and out of it and preferred the visibility offered by her Buick SUV.ย  She bought it new in 1989 and has garaged and maintained it since then. So, yes, here it is – the proverbial used car that was owned since new by a little old lady who only drove it on Sundays! We got a new battery, replaced all the belts, secured a fuel line that was rattling underneath, and repaired a power steering fluid leak. We never smoked or put the dogs in it, and averaged about 1 or 2 trips a week with it. The tires are great, but the full-sized spare is bald. The transmission and brakes work just as they should (although the ABS light on the dash stays on for some reason). The beastly V-12 will push you back in your seat, should you want it to, and is happiest at highway speed, as anyone who’s driven one will tell you. They’re not kidding about the vaunted “Jaguar ride.” It really is ridiculously smooth and grippy- you can accelerate into curves or up hills and it just feels solidly planted, with plenty of power to spare. Plus, the XJS was cool enough for Roger Moore, thus by the transitive property of coolness, it’s cool enough for James Bond. Now on to Ye Olde British Car Issues (closeup photos included): If you leave it outside in a thunderstorm overnight, there will be leaks at your feet and the glove box unless you cover the hood vent. I’ve owned 4 Austins- they all leaked, too. You’d think in a rainy country like England, they’d be really into preventing this, like how the Swedes make a really great seat heater, but no. The Queen’s car probably leaks.

Price: Auction

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Location: Athens, Georgia, United States